Jaea Chang (장재아 ・ チャン ジェア) is a ceramic artist from South Korea focusing on contemporary ceramics. Having her background in the graphic design field, Chang has transited her role into the art field as a ceramist, following her interests in crafts. Her main concerns spread in search of handmade aesthetics that are delicately handled in materials. The demonstration of her ceramic wall sculptures portrays warm and soft feelings in ceramics, which have developed in fabric-like forms. She creates visual patterns in the ceramic body by utilising the Nerikomi technique. Accordingly, works consist of multiple layers of clays that are repetitively cut and stacked in the creating process. While the process has become significant control in her art practice, the nature of clays provides freedom and spontaneity to her expression. 
Chang holds a bachelor's degree from Kookmin University and a master's degree from Seoul National University in South Korea, both in Visual Communication Design. In 2020, she finished her Master's study at Aalto University in Finland, majoring in the Contemporary Design programme. Since 2018 she has been living and working in Helsinki.
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